Golden Teens Corner is a scheme dedicated to teenagers development and empowerment..


Our vision is to refine and rebrand GOLDEN (Godly, Outstanding, Laudable Daring, Exceptional and Noble) teenagers.


Our mission is to produce God-fearing and godly teenagers that would be part of the end time ministry.

Helping teenagers become scholars.

Building strong and firm teenagers that would be able to take right decisions.

Empowering teenagers to be skillful and efficient.

Equipping teenagers to become outstanding leaders.

Supporting teenagers and helping them overcome youthful challenges and temptations.

Aiming at producing teenagers that are:
G – Godly, Great and Gifted.
O – Obedient, Obliging and Outstanding.
L – Leaders, Laws abiding and Laudable.
D – Daring, Diligent and Disciplined.
E – Exceptional, Efficient and Empowered.
N – Noble, Nurtured and Noteworthy.

What People Say

The very best platform I’ll recommend to all teenagers and even young adults who are intentional about their everyday living.

Oduniyi Olajide David

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.




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